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  «MicroKOR» Ltd. specializes in the development of non-standard electronic devices to order.

  We develop boards and units for various purposes, recording devices, microprocessor-based control, regulation and data collection systems. After the development, as a rule, a pilot lot of the product is manufactured, frequently turning into small-scale production. Product certification is possible.

  The quality management system of the company is certified for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2011 (certificate №ВР 17.9805-2016). Production of the company has diplomas, patents and certificates. For twenty years more than 350 different boards, 30 kinds of devices and 20 specialized systems have been developed.

  The main solved problems

  For twenty years, analog signal recorders have been designed and manufactured for seismic surveying tasks, including:

• registrars for bottom stations, commissioned by Sevmorgeo FSUE (more than 200 registrars were manufactured);

• registrars for land use (VNII «Oceangeology», «Seismo-Shelf» Ltd, Scientific Research Institute «Oceanology»);

• registrars for well logging commissioned by «GEOFARA» Ltd;

• land use registrars for work in Antarctica, conducted by the State Enterprise «Polar Marine Exploration Expedition» to study the subglacial lake near the Vostok station, which began in 1998 and continues to this day;

• since 2008, the company has been developing a marine autonomous buoy for seismic exploration purposes.

  A number of auxiliary on-board systems of the seismic exploration process control have been developed:

• a complex for managing the operation of a pneumatic source for the «Sevmorgeo» FSUE;

• block of pneumatic source control signals generating of the seismic signals for the GP «Polar Marine Geological Exploration Expedition»;

• software-hardware complex of the timestamp for «Seismo-Shelf» Ltd.

  Since 2003, «MicroKOR» Ltd. has been actively cooperating with geophysicists of St. Petersburg State University on the creation of modern systems for the search for minerals based on magnetotelluric research methods. Two types of registrars are designed: low-frequency registra and high-frequency registra. The total range of the study is 0.01 Hz - 1 MHz. The systems are widely used for mineral exploration, research and other works in Russia, China, Germany, Australia, Vietnam and Chile.

  Into a separate group one can distinguish analog signal registrars for mobile objects and industrial tasks. This group of devices solves the problems of informational or fiscal control of the objects operation or technological processes parameters. For example, monitoring the parameters of work of BELAZ vehicles (for Apatity JSC).

  One of the directions — development of non-standard control systems of technological processes. This group includes tasks for some reasons not implemented on purchased industrial controllers:

• control system for the filter elements production (production of air and oil filters for various purposes),

• control system for the polymer packaging production (plastic bottles, jars, etc.) (Formoplast LLC),

• system for maintaining the tension of the woven (curtain) fabric («Curtain-lace company» JSC).

  Units which are not included in the listed above groups:

• Remote controller for step excavators (Electrosila JSC);

• control system for small boiler plants (Morteplotehnika JSC);

• emergency warning systems (EWS) for diesel engines (Zvezda plant). From 2001 to 2004, the systems were produced for the diesel engines delivered to the Zenit plant (Kazakhstan) equipment. The systems have been certified by the Marine Register.

  Since the first engineering (1997), «MicroKOR» LLC actively uses CAN-network in the developed systems. The organization assisted the SKB «Titan» in the development of communication modules (one of the Plesetsk cosmodrome designers) and SKB Orion (one of the Baikonur and Vostochny cosmodrome designers) when implementing CAN networks in control and monitoring systems. From 2000 to 2014 SKB Orion participated in the modernization of nuclear power plants (Leningradskaya, Kurskaya and Smolenskaya) managing and control systems. We designed and supplied for the objects listed above the RTU units.

  Since 2013, together with «Polivid» Ltd and SKB «Orion», the work for rail transport management system is on. We developed and produced for Russian Railways a pilot batch of control and management units for the arrows and signals centralization. Blocks have passed certification tests and approvals for trial operation.

  The working team of «MicroKOR» LLC is ready to provide its knowledge and experience to create the necessary electronic devices for you.

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