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Seismological recorders :
М-К1-SМ26, М-К4-SМ26, М-К6-SМ26, М-К8-SМ-26 и М-К24-SМ26
TECHICAL REQUIREMENTS ТУ4314-026-46928948-2003

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Digital seismological recorders
М-К1-SМ26, М-К4-SМ26, М-К6-SМ26, М-К8-SМ-26 и М-К24-SМ26 are intended for data acquisition, primary processing and storage in a digital form of information in non-volatile Flash-memory. The analog signals come in from seismic sensors and hidrophone.
Recorders store data and service information (GPS coordinates, start time, duty information and comments) ) in digital form in Flash-memory in its own format.
Recorders are used for underwater (bottom-based) seismic investigations, underwater geological works, seismographic researches in arctic seas and shelf.
Digital 24-channel seismic station for sea and land researches combine three seismic exploring methods: land, sea, bottom and shelf exploring by reflected and refracted waves method.

Recorders management realized using HOST PC (desk or Notebook IBM PC OS Windows 2000 or higher) by means of special software through Ethernet cable. Software for PC provide initial setup of recorder, its testing, uploading data and data preliminary computing and viewing.
After parameter data acquisition has set up recorder ready to data acquisite in on-line or off-line modes.
Data acquisition management realized by special software during seismic station initialization process.
Before and after data acquisition recorder can receive information from GPS (coordinates and time).
Start of data acquisition in each mode can be carried out on time according to a schedule made beforehand.
Main programming parameters:

  • data acquisition mode: start-stop or continuous;
  • start condition - on time or command;
  • trace length, trace period, trace count;
  • quantisation period ADC;
  • gains of the seismic channels;
  • frequency band;
  • parameters of the filters.


General parameters:

  • Number of channels: 1 for М-К1-SМ26, 4 for М-К4-SМ26, 6 for М-К6-SМ26, 8 for М-К8-SМ-26 and 24 for М-К24-SМ26;

  • Frequency range, Hz: 0,2..1400; 1,0..12;

  • ADC data bits: 23+sign; 13+sign;

  • Gains of the seismic channel: 1-200;

  • RMS, mkV: not more, then 0,2 (F = 125Hz) and not more, then 0,5 (F = 500Hz);

  • Whole dynamic range, dB: not less, then 120;

  • Channel weakness, dB: not less, then 70;

  • Instantaneous dynamic range, dB: not less, then 105;

  • Amplitude identity of the seismic channels, %: не более 1;

  • Interface: Ethernet 10 МBaud (UDP);

  • External power supply, V: 6 (-10..+15%) or 12 (-10..+15%)

Seismological recordersM-K4-SM26

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